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Month: August 2015

The Reason Why Do Dogs Eat Their Poop

dog eating their own poopThere are numerous reasons why dogs eat their poop that most dog owners don’t know the reason behind this gruesome behavior. Just like humans, some dogs are prone to different kinds of behavior that may not be acceptable to many people such as the frequent eating of feces. Such behavior may be due to their lifestyle, health conditions, age and other probable causes that most people are not yet fully aware.

Some dogs are born to become poop eaters as most of their breeds are likely to do the same over the years. Before man has adopted dogs to be part of the family, most of their kinds are hunters and more often than not, anything worth smelling can be totally eaten in a single bite. For thousands of years, dogs are used to eating any kinds of rubbish as well as feces so this is nothing new to these animals.

Puppies can also adapt such behavior from their mothers since during the first few days; the dog mama will have to consume the puppies’ poops for hygienic purposes as well as to prevent other predators to go near the puppies as the poop’s scent can attract such kind of animals.

In a household with a vast number of animals, you would notice that the submissive ones will have the tendency to eat the poop of the most dominant animals as if being ordered to do so. It is essential to become familiar with your dog’s behavior so you can address it accordingly.

Eating feces should not be tolerated at all times as this may cause severe effects if left ignored not just for your dog’s well‐being but to anyone who lives in the same premise. It is not common to see dogs eat their poop so in order for you not to ask why, you need to have your dog checked by a vet as early as possible.

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